2014 Freightliner water tank truck, ISB 6.7 Cummins, auto trans, 22000 miles. $36.000.00
2003 Peterbilt 379. 6NZ Cat 475 HP C15, 18 speed transmission, $72,000.00 Consignment sale. Call first.
2018 International 4300 wrecker. (roll_back with wheel lift) 21-foot Jerr-dan wrecker. 168000 miles, 6.7 ISB Cummins Auto trans.Starts runs drives and operates. Cold AC. .$45,000.00 Rebuilt title. CALL FIRST NEEDS REPAIR.
2022 Freightliner, 189000 miles, DD15 Detroit 505 HP. Auto trans. $110.000.00
1999 Pete, Detroit, 10-speed trans. $35.000.00
2005 Peterbilt exhood, C15 Cat, 18 speed. 80% rubber. Working daily. Call first. Consignment sale. $55.000.00
2015 Peterbilt 579. Paccar engine, 13 speed. 695000 miles showing. $20,000.00
2006 HINO. Hino diesel, auto trans, will start and drive. Call first. $7,000.00 PARTING OUT. SELLING FOR PARTS.
2014 Freightliner B class, 214000 miles, ISB 6.7 Cummins diesel, auto trans. Liftgate. Damaged van-box. $16,000.00
1986 Mack R model. Roll-off truck. Runs and operates well. Call first. She has lost her beauty. $10,000.00
2013 KW 900, ISX Cummins 470 HP, 18-speed trans, 46000 rears, Quad locker rear-ends. heavy haul specialty tires LP24.5. 420000 org miles. REBUILT TITLE $80,000.00,
Several Peterbilt cabs and sleepers. 72 inch $8,000.00 48 inches $5,500.00
1991 Peterbilt Cat, Bank repo, call first $12,000.00 OBO
KW, T600 Bank repo call first.
2019 Freightliner, Detroit, Auto trans, 375000 miles, REBUILT TITLE. $40,000.oo. Call First. Selling with 24-hour buyer’s remorse, satisfaction guaranteed, or all your money back. If you are not satisfied I will return the cashier’s check back you gave me once the truck is back at my location within a agreed time period.
2012 Volvo, $16,000.00 Consignment sale. Call first
Chevrolet 7500, Isuzu Inline 6 cyl diesel engine, Auto trans. Rosco PA300 Pothole patching tucks, consignment sale. $12,000.oo call first.
Volvo dump truck 22-foot bed with removable sides, L10 Cummins, 10 speed. $12,000.oo call first.
2008 Peterbilt, C13 Cat, 13 speed.1.350.000 miles $39,000.oo Bank Repo.
$7,000.oo tractor will not start or operate. (salvage)
2001Mack roll-off truck, will start, run and operate. PARTING OUT. CALL FIRST. $18.000.00
1977 Kenworth K100C, 13 speed, Cat engine needs repair will not start. $8,000.00
Peterbilt cab. $7,000.00
Peterbilt cabs $2,500.00 and up
New and use Peterbilt fuel tanks. New $1,200.00
Used fuel tanks. $100.00 and up
Looking for ORG parts to build a classic. Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, and White all have the same drive train. 70’s White, Cummins 220hp diesel motor, 10-speed trans, single axle rear, needs repair, will not start. $2,500.00 call first
1966? Peterbilt. $8,000.00
$20,000.oo call first. Diesel pusher 8.3 Cummins 325HP. 98,000 miles. Selling with 24-hour buyer’s remorse (satisfaction guaranteed) or all your money back. Great condition. Mechanical, NO ELECTRONIC ON THE ENGINE OR Transmission
1966 Peterbilt, send email for extra pictures will (salvage) $10,000.00
1956 Peterbilt. I have the hood for this truck. $10,000.00 I have the hood for this truck.
Old Mack. Salvage $11,000.00
Diamont T salvage $11,000.00
Old International salvage $5,000.00
2009 International, 4300. International diesel MaxxForce, auto trans. I have two of these 4×4 trucks.
2007 GMC 7500, Bucket truck. consignment sale. call first $30.000.00
Partin out
Diamond Reo truck $10,000.00
Mid 60’s KW $8,000.00
International Scout
379 long hood ( salvage)
Parting out
Parting out (Mack CH613)
359 Pete cab $3,500.00
359 Pete $8,000.00 short hood
359 Pete call first $8,000.00
RD Mack parting out call first
36 inch Peterbilt sleepers, I can convert to flat tops
Peterbilt flattop sleeper.
Western Star Cab. parting out.
Peterbilt cab and sleeper, parting out.
KW, W900 $8,000.00
1962 KW W900 $8,000.00. This hood has steps on the fenders, KW only did this one year.
359 Pete cab

2001 Cummins 8.3L great condition. $5,500.oo

2020 ISB Cummins. $10,000.oo 2500 miles. I have several. call first.

Year 2020 bus. ISB Cummins diesel $16,000.00

Old Chevy bus, been sitting for over 40 years
1978 Ingram 12-ton roller packer, 4 cyl Detroit diesel. Hydraulic drive. great condition, $4,500.oo each

4×4 GMC pickup truck
Bad motor will start run and drive.
$7,000.00 tires are two different sizes
on the back. Salvage
Several dump bodies.

Parts bus, good drivetrain. 5.9 Cummins. $5,500.oo

1998 Mack CH613, Buld feed truck.
Starts and runs good. $10,000.00
(fire damage) call first. 580-296-4241
Will part out or sell complete.
2019  year bus, 6.7 ISB Cummins.
1966? Ford Unibody pickup, Ford Only made a Unibody one year. Cab and bed in one

$4,500.00 Mormon
1982 Mack, 237 Mack, 5 speed .
?1972 Peterbilt cabover $8,000.00 NO

Peterbilt cab-over $6,500.00 NO rear ends. B model cat.
Cummins, Bad motor. $4,000.00

1950’s Chevy school bus.
  • Old Chevy school bus. been sitting for over 40 years.
2019 Bus, 6.7 ISB Cummins diesel. 2000 miles $16,000.00. will start run and drive. Been swimming.CALL FIRST.
6.7 ISB Cummins 2020 year model. Parting out.
Thermo King MD 11 SR and box $3,000.00 Reefer unit only $2,000.00

KW cab.

Peterbuilt cabs and hoods (more available).

16 foot dump body great condition $10,000.00
15 foot Godwin dump body. Used very little. super clean. Pump, PTO, cylinder, Control tower, Hoses, complete kit $12,000.00 call first.
flat bed dump body with grain kit $2,500.00
International Scout
Tank and pump $5,500.00
4000 gallon aluminum tank (Damaged) $2,000.00
Dolly, $3,000.00